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Keeping Oil Out Of Your Patients Mouths And Restorations

Posted in Company on March 11, 2020

Your practice is depended on a reliable supply of Dental Compressed Air. A good working definition of Dental Compressed Air is “Dental quality compressed air completely free of oil, ultra-dry and contains as few microbes as feasible.” 


Air is not just air. Quality air is combined with freed contaminants such as industrial exhausts, particles of soot from vehicle exhaust systems, and microorganisms that can cause disease. Natural and human-made risks are invisible and lurk in the air around us. We are hardly aware of just how many ways compressed air plays a vital role in dentistry. It drives a complete series of appliances and components – from the turbine in the handpiece to pressure-molding devices to actuating precision cutters in the laboratory. Dental air is also used for cleaning dental models and for drying directly inside the mouths of patients.



So how does oil affect air quality?


Oil in the compressed air stream is a contaminant. Even with filtering systems, it is impossible to remove all oil from the air stream of an oil-lubricated compressor. Bacteria laden air flows into the patient’s mouth and subsequently throughout the operatory environment. Oil aerosol acts much like bad cholesterol in the body; components will become clogged or damaged. This oil vapor can negatively impact health, dental instruments, and restorations. The oil-free air compressor eliminates all of these problems. Recognizing the significant advantages inherent in oil-free compressor design, Air Techniques voluntarily discontinued its oil-lubricated compressor line some years ago.


Why is oil-free air healthier and necessary for Dentistry?


The combination of warm air, humidity, and oil in the closed environment of the compressor storage tank creates an ideal growing medium for microorganisms. This unhealthy air flows through the piping, dental unit airlines, and handpieces into the patient’s mouth and subsequently throughout the operatory environment. The oil will also compromise the bond strength of restorations.


AirStar is specially designed for dentistry and produces clean, ultra-dry, oil-free dental compressed air 100% of the time. The problems of moisture, oil, and microbes are purposefully engineered out. No oil whatsoever is used. Further, the exclusive patented Humidistat continually monitors the moisture content of the air stream and automatically initiates a regeneration cycle should extra moisture removal from the air ever be required.



Oil-free engineering and stringent moisture control ensure that every AirStar storage tank remains dry and not conducive to microbial growth. Every AirStar storage tank is SME certified, your assurance of safety, and code compliance.


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