MOJAVE DryStar Monitor LT Series

The Smart Choice.

MOJAVE DryStar Monitor dry vacuum systems are designed to provide high operational performance with low operating costs and virtually no maintenance, all in a compact footprint.

The MOJAVE DryStar Monitor LT Series is the latest technological achievement of the Air Techniques development team. Designed to replace conventional liquid ring pumps and to be completely 100% water-free, the LT ditches the collection tank for a motor-driven air/water separator. A 1.7 HP variable frequency driven (VFD) regenerative blower is engineered to deliver the highest performance while hardly making a sound.

The compact size of the LT allows it to be installed in any practice, even inside cabinets. Equipped with a vibrant multi-color touch screen display, the LT is super easy to set up and is constantly monitoring itself to make sure it’s running optimally at all times. Hook it up with NEO Pulse front-of-office software to complete the most advanced utility room monitoring system available.

Whether it`s time to replace your current vacuum, considering the refurbishment of your practice, or even building a new facility, MOJAVE DryStar Monitor LT is your solution.

Tech Specs

Part Number LT3M | LT5M
Simultaneous Users 2-4 | 4-6
SCFM @ 7inHg 28 | 42
Horsepower 1.4 | 1.7
Panel Breaker (A) 20
Voltage (Min/Max) 198/242
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions W x H x D (in) 24 x 16.5 x 20
Weights (Lbs) 145


Quiet, Compact & Energy Efficient.

  • Sound-reducing impeller design
  • 3-phase motor generates higher torque and less heat
  • Extended heat-resistant motor bearings
  • All wetted metal parts are nickel plated or stainless steel
  • Aluminum high performance air-exhaust heat exchanger
  • Rugged metal chassis

Mojave DryStar Monitor Control System

The Mojave DryStar Monitor LT Series automatically adjusts the speed of the pump to maintain vacuum level regardless of how many users come online. A vacuum transducer senses when a HVE or SE is opened, increasing the frequency of the 3-phase motor to quickly provide the flow rate needed on-demand.

  • Energy-efficient system that prolongs the life of your pumps
  • Monitors and displays pump frequency, vacuum level, temperature & separator RPMs
  • Set vacuum level from 8 to 10 inHg
  • Records the run time in hours
  • Displays any error/fault codes
  • Controls the diagnosis functions
  • Connects to NEO Pulse front-of-office software


Real-Time Monitoring

Vision Monitor brings valuable information from your critical dental equipment directly to those who need to see it. Through cloud-based IoT monitoring, get live status updates, device messages, and the ability to provide remote support and configuration. Whether you are managing equipment from a single office or 200 or more offices, Vision Monitor has features to ensure your equipment will quickly, and easily notify you with detailed, relevant information.


Intelligence, Simplified

• SPECIFIC: Don’t get lost in charts and information overload. Vision monitor provides clear, pertinent information for you to keep your equipment running.

• SCALABLE: Whether you are monitoring a single office, or 200 or more, Vision Monitor can support your needs.

• SECURE: Encryption and data security up to the highest industry standards

• SENSIBLE: No additional hardware required! Use the existing assets in your office to connect your devices to the cloud.*

*No additional hardware is required to connect to Vision Monitor on equipment with an existing network connection. Connect Box is required to monitor legacy equipment.



„I am very satisfied with the suction that my new Mojave LT 3 provides. It takes up very little space. My staff and I appreciate how much quieter it is when compared to our previous vacuum system. Our patients appreciate it too.“
Holly Burns, DDS Huntington, New York


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Warranty Information

*Full System Warranty

This Air Techniques dental product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques’ dealer service personnel.


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