Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

PSP Cleaning Wipes

Air Techniques has specially formulated PSP Cleaning Wipes for all of your intraoral and extraoral phosphor storage plates (PSPs) and plate protectors.


ScanX Barrier Envelopes

Barrier Envelopes by Air Techniques minimize cross-contamination and infection of intraoral PSPs.


ScanX Cleaning Sheets

Keep your ScanX System clean with ScanX Cleaning Sheets.


ScanX Extraoral Phosphor Plates

Extraoral Phosphor Plates (PSPs) range of sizes from 5" x 12" PAN, 6" x 12" PAN, 8" x 10" CEPH, and 5" x 7" TMJ.


ScanX Intraoral Phosphor Plate (PSP) Guides

Any combination of Guides may be used


ScanX Intraoral Phosphor Plate (PSP) Transfer Box

ScanX PSP Transfer Box is an efficient way to store and transfer your phosphor storage plates.


ScanX Intraoral Phosphor Plates

Intraoral Phosphor Plates (PSPs) are paper thin, flexible, and wireless and can be reused thousands of times.


ScanX Swift Barrier Film

Place ScanX Swift barrier film on your system to help ensure a hygienic process. The barrier film should be placed over the inlet guide making sure the opening in the film center is over the slot of the inlet guide.

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