Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

Surface Disinfectants & Cleaners

One minute, one step, one solution. Monarch Surface Disinfectant provides broad spectrum kill of 25 pathogens in 1 minute. Our unique spray and wipe application means that no pre-cleaning is necessary saving time and money.

Instrument Cleaners

The new and improved Monarch® Enzymatic Cleaner is formulated with 5 active enzymes and the latest in advanced surfactant synergy, helping you to properly clean your instruments prior to sterilization.

Hand Protection

Donning and re-donning gloves can leave your hands warm and moist, allowing irritants to flourish and your skin to become irritated and chapped. Monarch® Hand Sanitizer provides a solution that results in vitalizing, protected skin, and hands.

Equipment Cleaners

Your utility equipment is the heart of your practice and greatest investment. Monarch® equipment cleaning products are designed to protect you, your patients, and your valuable investment.

*Monarch Infection Prevention


The new HVE Air Protect - An effective solution for aerosol mitigation.

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