Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

ScanX Intraoral

ScanX Intraoral Digital Radiography System is capable of reading images simultaneously from 4 PSPs in seconds.

ProVecta S-Pan Cephalometric

The ProVecta S-Pan Ceph elevates your extraoral imaging capabilities with perfected extraoral imaging.

ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic

The ProVecta S-Pan from Air Techniques sets a new standard in sharpness of extraoral imaging.

Mojave Dry Vac

Mojave is the next generation of dry vacuum systems from Air Techniques and delivers the highest suction power of any dry system available today.

VacStar Dry Vac

Air Techniques is the leading and largest manufacturer of dental vacuum systems in North America. Our vacuums are manufactured with expertise and care to provide you with the highest quality vacuum full of benefits to enhance your practice.


Specialized engineers put every AirStar Compressor – constructed from parts made in our 200,000 square foot facility – through rigorous and repetitive testing at our in-house laboratories.

ScanX Classic

ScanX Classic Digital Radiography System is capable of reading intraoral and extraoral images.

ScanX Swift View

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with an intraoral camera.

Scanx Intraoral View

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with an intraoral camera.

Digital Accessories

Enhance your imaging workflow and experience with Air Techniques’ imaging accessories. Each accessory has been created and designed especially for Air Techniques’ imaging products.

ProVecta HD

The Provecta HD Intraoral X-ray offers a modern, slim design to fit the modern operatory.


NEO Pulse Software - Monitoring The Heart Of Your Practice.

ProVecta 3D Prime Ceph

Exemplary ergonomics and efficiency. Time-saving Cephalometric exposure with a low X-ray dose.

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