Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

VacStar NEO Wet Vac

VacStar NEO follows a legacy of consistent and reliable vacuum performance.

VacStar Wet Vac

Air Techniques continues to make the most reliable and efficient wet-ring dental evacuation systems.

Vacuum Accessories & Maintenance

Create a more efficient office with accessories that increase performance of your compressor or vacuum and utilize only the power you need.

Mojave Dry Vac

Mojave is the next generation of dry vacuum systems from Air Techniques and delivers the highest suction power of any dry system available today.

Mojave Dry Vac Accessories

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with an intraoral camera.

Amalgam Separators

Air Techniques has been the industry leader for over five decades, empowering dental practices with superior air and evacuation systems. At Air Techniques, we understand how to create an amalgam separator that works in-line with your evacuation system and meets all “EPA Dental Rule” requirements.


NEO Pulse Software - Monitoring The Heart Of Your Practice.

Mojave LT Series

Quiet, Compact & Energy Efficient. Mojave LT was designed to provide the highest operational performance with low operating costs and virtually no maintenance, all in a compact footprint.


Air Techniques' Product Awards

Mojave Mobile

The only extra and intraoral vacuum solution. The powerful Mojave Mobile has the best performance available with more than12 SCFM.

Savings Calculator

Vacuum Energy Savings Calculator

Vent-Less Vacuums

Industry First Dental Vacuum Exhaust Air Filtration

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