Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

A/T 2000 XR

The A/T 2000 XR Film Processor provides high quality radiographs in any size.

If your practice works with larger size film, A/T 2000XR is the right fit. A/T 2000XR is automatically controlled and highly efficient to keep your practice running smoothly.


  • Processes every dental film size: Panoramic, Cephalometric, TMJ, Occlusal and all Intraorals
  • Automatic chemistry replenishment and temperature maintenance
  • Built in microcomputer automatically signals the internal replenishment pumps to meter the proper amount of developer and fixer to maintain chemistry strength
  • After films exit the processor, the A/T 2000 XR will automatically return to stand-by mode
  • Electricity use, water consumption and system wear are reduced
  • The optional Panoramic Daylight Loader and a Quick Loader Covered Feed Chute eliminate the need for a dark room
  • Each film is fully developed and fixed
  • Compliance with local codes – Built-in water recirculation system


Part Number 45005 A/T 2000 XR w/Chemistry
Includes: 1 leveling base, 1 bottle spray 2000 Plus, 4 Air Techniques cleaning films, 1 instructional DVD, 1 case chemistry (PN 40270), 1 bottle of starter (PN 40280).
Part Number 45009 A/T 2000 XR w/Water Recirculation System & Chemistry
Includes: Same as 45005 plus 2 1/2 gallon water container. Cannot be connected to fresh water supply.
Part Number Daylight Loader for A/T 2000 XR
Allows processor to be installed outside the darkroom. FIts A/T 2000, A/T 2000 Plus, and A/T 2000 XR.
Dimensions W x H x D): 16.25" x 21.50" x 13.75"
Color: Grey
Process Time Archival, 5 1/2 minutes. "Quick-look" Endo periapical films, 2 1/2minutes
Chemistry Replenishment At initial Power On, 4 1/4oz. in 90 seconds. Every 12 3/4" linear film, 1 2/3 oz. in 35 seconds
Water Flow 1/2 gallon per minute (while processing film). Do not use water softeners
Water Pressure 80 psi max. / 30 psi min.
Water Connection 1/2" female NP and 3/4" male garden hose adapters provided. A 6' long water supply hose is provided to connect to the rear of the processor
Water Backflow Prevention Vacuum breaker not required. Processor has a 1" air gap between water supply inlet and top of highest water level in processor
Water Temperature Mixing valve not required if water temperature is between 55 degree F (13 degrees C) to 80 degrees F (27 degrees C)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 18"x15"x25" with leveling base. With Daylight loader, 18"x16.25"x39"; Daylight Loader extends additional 10.25" below counter top
Weight 90lbs with water and chemistry, 75lbs empty

Warranty Information

24 Month Full System Warranty
This Air Techniques dental product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques' dealer service personnel.
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