Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

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Special Markets AirStar Air Compressor

Air Techniques is North America's largest manufacturer of air compressors for dental offices.

We provide more offices with air systems than all other companies combined. Air Techniques’ highly engineered central compressed air units feature a refrigerant type dryer and 132 gallon tank to support up to 120 workstations each, such as the AS120.


Dental Air is the term we use to describe air that is free from oil, particulates, bacteria and other oral contaminants so that it is not introduced into your patient’s mouth nor contaminate preparations prior to bonding, cementation and other restorative procedures. Monitoring your compressed air system has never been more convenient. The clinical visual display system (remote monitoring) is provided via a central monitoring system. This controls all compressed air systems by displaying information such as operating hours, filter replacement, error messages, and so on. Isolated contacts can also be used to connect to an existing central control center.

  • Just one central filter for a complete station (e.g. AirStar AS120)
  • Air solutions for clinics from 40 operatories to large several hundred chair dental schools
  • Expandable compressor and visualization system


  • High-performance reciprocating piston compressors
  • Premium compressed air quality: oil-less, dry, hygienic (as per HTM 2022/DIN EN ISO 7396-1)
  • Compressors automatically switch on and off according to compressed air requirements
  • If one compressor breaks down, the next one automatically performs its tasks
  • Compressor automatically starts up in less than 5 minutes to balance the compressor’s baseload
  • Full-color touch screen display control system
  • Integrated Programmer Logic Controller (PLC) monitors all functions


Real-Time Monitoring

Vision Monitor brings valuable information from your critical dental equipment directly to those who need to see it. Through cloud-based IoT monitoring, get live status updates, device messages, and the ability to provide remote support and configuration. Whether you are managing equipment from a single office or 200 or more offices, Vision Monitor has features to ensure your equipment will quickly, and easily notify you with detailed, relevant information.


Intelligence, Simplified

• SPECIFIC: Don’t get lost in charts and information overload. Vision monitor provides clear, pertinent information for you to keep your equipment running.

• SCALABLE: Whether you are monitoring a single office, or 200 or more, Vision Monitor can support your needs.

• SECURE: Encryption and data security up to the highest industry standards

• SENSIBLE: No additional hardware required! Use the existing assets in your office to connect your devices to the cloud.*

*No additional hardware is required to connect to Vision Monitor on equipment with an existing network connection. Connect Box is required to monitor legacy equipment.



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Vision Monitor

Cover Image
Vision Monitor
Cover Image
Large Clinics Solutions by Air Techniques, Inc.




Part Number AS60
Max Users @ 75% AS60 | 55
AS90 | 80
AS120 | 105
Max Simultaneous Users @ 100% AS60 | 40
AS90 | 60
AS120 | 80
Flow Rate @ 85 psi (CFM/LPM) AS60 | 60 / 1,700
AS90 | 90 / 2,550
AS120 | 120 / 3,400
Flow Rate @ 100 psi (CFM/LPM) AS60 | 56.6 / 1,600
AS90 | 84.8 / 2,400
AS120 | 113.1 / 3,200
Power Consumption (HP/kW) AS60 | 15.0 / 11.0
AS90 | 22.5 / 16.5
AS120 | 30.0 / 22.0
Panel Breaker (A) AS60 | 40
AS90 | 50
AS120 | 60
Voltage (V) 480 3~
Electrical Frequency (Hz) 60
Tank Volume (Gal/L) 120 / 455
Compressor Module Dimensions/ Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D) AS60 | 505 /605
AS90 | 835 /940
AS120 | 1,055 / 1,150
Control Module Dimensions/ Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D) AS60 | 39" x 82" x 51"/ 43" x 93" x 55
AS90 | 39" x 82" x 51"/ 43" x 93" x 55"
AS120 | 39" x 82" x 51"/ 43" x 93" x 55"
Control Module Weight/ Shipping Weight (Lbs) AS60 | 700 /850
AS90 | 700 /850
AS120 | 700 /850

Warranty Information

24 Month Full System Warranty
All Air Techniques Special Markets product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques' dealer service personnel. Extended warranty options are available based on service agreement.
Register your product now to receive the warranty
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