Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

Special Markets Mojave Dry Vacuum System

The newest Clinical Vacuum System is our Mojave V15 Series Dry Vacuum.

Mojave V15 is a mid-sized solution for clinics smaller than 80 stations, virtually eliminating water consumption. When combined with their reduced power consumption features, Mojave is a leader in high-performance, low energy consumption. Lower costs, higher performance, better for the environment. Mojave’s exclusive Master Controller (MMC) automatically adjusts the frequency of the pump(s) to maintain the required vacuum level depending on the needs of your dental facility.


  • Continual, constant suction, regardless of the number of simultaneous users
  • Virtually eliminate water consumption
  • Dramatically reduce power consumption
  • Provide for easy installation and even easier expansion of your Mojave system as you grow
  • Conserves electricity and prolongs the life of your pumps
  • MMC monitors and displays the pump frequency, vacuum level and temperature
  • MMC balances the vacuum load equally across all running pumps
  • MMC controls the Washout and diagnosis functions


Real-Time Monitoring

Vision Monitor brings valuable information from your critical dental equipment directly to those who need to see it. Through cloud-based IoT monitoring, get live status updates, device messages, and the ability to provide remote support and configuration. Whether you are managing equipment from a single office or 200 or more offices, Vision Monitor has features to ensure your equipment will quickly, and easily notify you with detailed, relevant information.


Intelligence, Simplified

• SPECIFIC: Don’t get lost in charts and information overload. Vision monitor provides clear, pertinent information for you to keep your equipment running.

• SCALABLE: Whether you are monitoring a single office, or 200 or more, Vision Monitor can support your needs.

• SECURE: Encryption and data security up to the highest industry standards

• SENSIBLE: No additional hardware required! Use the existing assets in your office to connect your devices to the cloud.*

*No additional hardware is required to connect to Vision Monitor on equipment with an existing network connection. Connect Box is required to monitor legacy equipment.



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Vision Monitor

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Vision Monitor
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Large Clinics Solutions by Air Techniques, Inc.


Part Number V15M
Max. Users V15M | 15
2V15M | 30
3V15M | 45
4V15M | 60
Horsepower V15M | 6.2
2V15M | 12.4
3V15M | 18.6
4V15M | 24.8
Voltage Range (Min/Max) V15M | 220V - 3 Phase (198/242)
2V15M | 220V - 3 Phase (198/242)
3V15M | 220V - 3 Phase (198/242)
4V15M | 220V - 3 Phase (198/242)
Panel Breaker (A) V15M | 40
2V15M | 40 (x2)
3V15M | 40 (x3)
4V15M | 40 (x4)
Weight (Lbs) V15M | Pump – 250 \ Tank – 175
2V15M | Pumps – 250(x2) \ Tank – 175
3V15M | Pumps – 250(x3) \ Tanks – 175(x2)
4V15M | Pumps – 250(x4) \ Tanks – 175(x2)
Pump Dimensions W x H x D (inches) V15M | 32.5 x 23.5 x 26
2V15M | 32.5 x 47** x 26
3V15M | 32.5 x 47** x 26 + 32.5 x 23.5 x 26
4V15M | 32.5 x 47** x 26 (x2)

**Pumps Stacked
Tank Dimensions W x H x D (inches) V15M | 25 x 42 x 23
2V15M | 25 x 42 x 23
3V15M | 50 x 42*** x 23
4V15M | 50 x 42*** x 23

***Tanks Side-by-Side

Warranty Information

*Full System Warranty
This Air Techniques dental product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques' dealer service personnel.
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