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Mojave LT Series

Quiet, Compact & Energy Efficient. Mojave LT was designed to provide high operational performance with low operating costs and virtually no maintenance, all in a compact footprint.


Quiet, Compact & Energy Efficient

• Maintains consistent vacuum at high flow rates
• Sound-reducing impeller design
• The 3-phase motor generates higher torque and less heat
• Extended heat-resistant motor bearings
• All wetted metal parts are nickel-plated or stainless steel
• Aluminum high-performance air-exhaust heat exchanger

"I am very satisfied with the suction that my new Mojave LT3 provides. It takes up very little space. My staff and I appreciate how much quieter it is when compared to our previous vacuum system. Our patients appreciate it too."
- Holly Burns, DDS

Vacuum Reinvented

Dental technology is following a revolutionary path. Vacuum systems must meet extremely high requirements. The newly
developed Mojave LT system uses a low-noise high-performance pump along with an independent motor-driven air/water
separator, providing unprecedented power to a compact and quiet appliance. It’s 50% smaller than typical dry vacuums
with a potential energy savings of 85% over conventional liquid ring systems. Intelligent control with multi-color touch
screen display allows connectivity to NEO Pulse front office software platform – for perfect operational reliability.

Mojave LT Control System

The Mojave LT automatically adjusts the speed of the pump to maintain the vacuum level regardless of how many users come online. A vacuum transducer senses when a HVE or SE is opened, increasing the frequency of the 3-phase motor to quickly provide the flow rate needed on-demand.

• Monitors and displays vacuum level, voltage, temperature, pump frequency, & separator RPMs
• Set vacuum level from 8 to 10 inHg
• Controls the diagnosis functions
• Displays any error/fault codes
• Records the run time in hours
• Connects to NEO Pulse front of office software
• Energy-efficient system that prolongs the life of your pumps


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COVID-19 Suction System Safety

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COVID-19 Suction System Safety
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Mojave LT
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Mojave LT3 Product Showcase with Dr. Salierno
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Part No. LT3
Max. Users 2 - 4 users
SCFM @ 7inHg 22
Horsepower 1.5
Panel Circuit Breaker 20 (A)
Voltage (min/max) 198/242
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions W x H x D (in) 24 x 16.5 x 20
Weights (lbs) 145
Mojave LT3 Vent-Less Part Number LT3-V Mojave LT3; 2-4 Simultaneous Users; Vent-Less

(Mojave Vent-Less Vacuum System units should never be used in conjunction with or for the purpose of Nitrous Oxide Scavenging. All waste gas evacuation should follow installation requirements set by local codes and use an air exhaust vent external to the building.)

Warranty Information

60 Month Full System Warranty
This Air Techniques dental product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques' dealer service personnel.
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