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The ScanX digital radiography system is the perfect fit for any dental practice. If you have small children and young adults as part of your patient population, you know “One Size Does Not Fit All”. 

Slide ScanX Digital Radiography Systems Enable the Intuitive, Efficient, and Time-Saving Digitization of PSPs for all Intraoral Formats, Sizes 0-4
Why choose between PSP and Wired Sensors? Utilize both technologies in your practice and treat everyone, comfortably and effectively. Treat all patients with the hybrid approach!

Hybrid Solution


A hybrid approach with hard sensors and PSP technology is becoming more prevalent and preferred. By adding ScanX PSP technology and using it alongside hard sensors, you and your staff will have an option when assessing the needs and capability of your patient base. You will also be able to capture 17% – 38% more diagnostic area with a ScanX PSP than with your sensors. In certain cases, where patient anatomy makes placement difficult, you will eliminate the need for retakes.


ScanX also serves as a backup. When your direct sensors fail, ScanX ensures you continue to provide the quality care that your patients have come to expect.

Key Benefits For Your Practice

With the use of Air Techniques’ thin, flexible, wireless PSPs; your staff and most importantly your young patients will appreciate the ease of placement in capturing these high resolution diagnostic images.  Resulting in providing better dentistry with patient comfort front and center.

* For illustrative purposes savings are based upon average materials costs at $.80 per X-Ray associated with film processing inlcuding: film, chemical, procesor equipment service and maintenance, mounts, chemical disposal fee and the labor to develop when compared to the cost of ScanX Intraoral View.

laugh 30x Thinner Than Sensors!


laugh Capture Up To 38% More Image Area!


laugh Flexible & Wireless For Patient Comfort!


laugh Easier & Quicker Diagnosis!


laugh Increase Efficiency by 300%*!

*When compared to a single plate scanner.

Check out this amazing rebate offer from Air Techniques!

Trade-in your old Film Processor, Scanner or Sensor, and receive a rebate when you purchase a new ScanX system.

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