Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

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There for
you then...
here for
you now!

You're not just a customer, you're a part of our legacy.

For over 50 years, Air Techniques has exceeded our customers’ expectations by delivering innovative, high-quality products that advance the standard of dental care. With breakthrough solutions in utility equipment, delivering best-in-class infrastructure that keeps

your practice operating at peak performance.



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practice is in,
Air Techniques is your
trusted partner in
air and vac.

Then, now, and tomorrow.

Air Techniques ensures today’s dental professionals are “Equipped for Life,” earning trust through innovation ingenuity, and impeccable service. In 1962, the founders pioneered the breakthrough dry air solution known as Dento-Dri.


Since then, game-changing advancements and technology milestones have not only helped shape Air Techniques — but also the industry we serve. But it takes more than quality and expertise to excel. A customer-empowering “service-first-culture” defines Air Techniques — and always has.

Needs Your Needs Are Our Strengths! 100% Ultra-Dry-Air & 100% Oil-Free
Anti-Microbial Tank
Easy Accessibility
50+ Years Proven Dependable & Reliable

How much oil is OK for your handpieces? How much oil is OK for your patients?


Air Techniques is the trusted leader in oil-free dental air technology, with over 50 years of oil-free compressor manufacturing experience. All of our mechanical room equipment is 100% oil-free, which means you can have complete confidence in our products and trust in our reputation.

Slide Our NEW Virus-Bacteria Filters
for all AirStar Compressors
is the finest microbial filter
available worldwide.
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Are you using a Positive Displacement Pump?

Only Regenerative Side Channel Blowers capture Aerosols effectively. Mojave delivers more flow and provides the highest suction power of any dry vacuum system available today.

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