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Why Choosing the Right Dental Compressor Air Dryer IS Important

Posted in Company on February 13, 2020

One in the series “A Better Understanding of Your Dental Utility Equipment and its Importance,” from the Sales Experts and Product Management teams at Air Techniques – The North American Leader in Dental Air & Vac systems.  


It might be easy to wonder why choosing a dental compressor with membrane dryer matters. If all air dryers perform the same essential function, then why is it necessary to select a specific one? Won’t any dental compressor dryer get the job done?


Yes, and no. Any dental air compressor dryer will most likely remove the water vapor from your compressed air for some time, but there may be side effects that will differ depending on the sizing and duty cycle.


Choosing an inefficient dental compressor dryer could lead to equipment failure, which will, in turn, lead to potentially expensive repairs. You also might lose time and see an increase in dental materials failing or preps becoming contaminated.


Having the correct dental compressor air dryer will reduce the risk of equipment failure and expensive repairs. You can help your practice avoid these costly types of delays and expenses by gaining a better understanding of the compressor air dryers. Knowing the differences, available form, each manufacturer will enable you to choose the dental air compressor that best fits your treatment needs.


The cleaner the air your compressor creates and uses will, in turn, be safer for your patients. The risk of exposure to bacteria, microorganisms, and pathogens is as you know high in a dental office. Your equipment could be the culprit of creating a breeding ground for these dangers if its producing poor0quality air, or generating a moist environment in your handpieces.


Assuming you’ve spent some time learning about the various types of dental compressor air dryers out there, it’s time to start shopping — and there’s no better place to do that than Air Techniques (Air Star Compressors). Our compressors are quadruple filtered, providing the driest, cleanest air possible.


Don’t feel alone in your search for the right air compressor. Speak with your local rep and tap into their knowledge and industry experience after all the air compressor is the heart of your practice.


Stay tuned for the next installment in this series – A Better Understanding of Your Dental Utility Equipment and its Importance.

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